Mud Mixing Facility

Mud mixing Facility is designed for mud mixing applications. This facility comprises mixing mud tank, mixing agitator, feed pumps and in addition pipeline course of action. Aipu Solids Control assembled 2 sets of mud mixing facility to Australia with consistence of Australian standard on electrical and mechanical wellbeing. All the association is four inch spine or quick association. Two tanks will be stuffed in a 40 feet holders for ocean conveyance to Brisbane to achieve penetrating site.

Mud mixing facility details

Mud Mixing Facility Features

  1. General mud tank measurement is 5900 x 2200 x 2500mm to suit holder ocean conveyance. The handrail can be modified from 3500mm stature to 3000mm tallness for Australia street transport conveyance.
  2. 1 set 4×3 radial pumps with 11kw electrical engine functioning as a mud blending pump, the blending pump sits alongside mud blending container with butterfly valve control. The electrical engine is IECEX confirmed to suit Australian standard.
  3. 1 set 7.5kw mud fomenter introduce on tank best to halt solids develop. The pole length is 2.5 meters in length to suit tank profundity. There is a stabilizer settled on tank base.
  4. Round tank with a V base of simple moist and permits mud blending pump suction adequately. The tank is 47 bbl mud stockpiling limits of level sign by coasting ball.
  5. Electrical control board with crisis stop and IECEX ensured to suit Australian standard. The control board is settled on tan divider next to blend container for advantageous control.
  6. A stair is settled on tank slip with handrail to tank top, a steel outline that eager to settle 4 pcs 4 inch link. It can be bolted by a Ski lift at side of steel outline.
Mud mixing tank

The mud blending tank can be modified on a mud tank composition, tank estimate, pipeline course of action, hardware choice and in addition some other subtle elements. Kindly contact Aipu solids control unreservedly for request or specialized altered plan.