Oil Slop & Sludge Waste Equipment In Karamay

Oil slop & sludge waste equipment manufactured by aipu solids control are working on Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

Oil sludge is a mixture consisted of oil, water and solids. To treat the waste oil sludge and recovery oil and water, the oil, water and solids must be segregated. And also it is important in order to dispose of the solids inexpensively and recover oil as much as possible.

More parameter and details of oil sludge treatment please visit here

Features and benefits

1. Skid mounted or trailer mounted for convenient transportation

2. Utilized PLC system for smart operation

3. Lower cost but higher efficiency

4. Construction handling centres for higher capacity

5. Water after processed can be reused in the process unit without disposal

6. Electricity, steam, oil all can be used in heating step

7. After processed solids oil content is less than or equals 2% achieve reduction

8. Containerized system with heat preservation

9. Easy to operate and maintains. Only 2 people requested during operation

10. Flexible hose with fast connector between system provide convenient installation

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