A drilling fluid recycling system to remove solids from the drilling fluid so that the fluid can be re-used, a guidance system to accurately guide boring operations. All equipment shall be in good and safe operating condition with sufficient supplies, materials and spare parts on hand to maintain the system in good working order for the duration of the project.

The solids removal unit shall consist of shale shaker, hydrocyclone device( mud cleaner, desander,desilter), centrifugal pumps, tanks and lines. Decanting centrifuges for high standard demands of mud.

Mixing System

A self-contained, closed drilling fluid mixing system shall be of sufficient
size to mix and deliver drilling fluid. Mixing system shall continually agitate the drilling fluid during operations.

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids shall be composed of clean water, appropriate additives and
clay. Water shall be from an authorized source with a minimum pH of 6.0. Water of a lower pH or with excessive calcium shall be treated with the appropriate amount of sodium carbonate or equal. The water and additives shall be mixed thoroughly and be absent of any clumps or clods. No potentially hazardous material may be used in drilling fluid.

Delivery System

The delivery system shall have filters in-line to prevent solids from being pumped into the drill pipe. Connections between the pump and drill pipe shall be relatively leak-free. Used drilling fluid and drilling fluid spilled during drilling operations shall be contained and conveyed to the drilling fluid recycling system. A berm, minimum of 12” high, shall be maintained around drill rigs, drilling fluid mixing system, entry and exit pits and drilling fluid cycling system to prevent spills into the surrounding environment. Pumps and/or vacuum truck(s) of sufficient size shall be in place to convey excess drilling fluid from containment areas to storage and recycling facilities.

Drilling Fluid Recycling System

The drilling fluid recycling system shall separate sand, dirt and other solids from the drilling fluid to render the drilling fluid reusable. Spoils separated from the drilling fluid will be stockpiled for later use or disposal.

Control of Drilling Fluids (Solids Remove)

The processing of control drilling fluids shall follow all requirements of the Frac-Out and Surface Spill Contingency Plan as submitted and approved and shall control operational pressures, drilling mud weights, drilling speeds, and any other operational factors required to avoid hydro fracture fluid losses to formations, and control drilling fluid spillage. This includes any spillages or returns at entry and exit locations or at any intermediate point. All inadvertent returns or spills shall be promptly contained and cleaned up. The Contractor shall maintain on-site mobile spill removal equipment during all drilling, pre-reaming, reaming and pullback operations and shall be capable of quickly removing spills.