A drilling fluid recycling system to remove solids from the drilling fluid so that the fluid can be re-used, a guidance system to accurately guide boring operations. All equipment shall be in good and safe operating condition with sufficient supplies, materials and spare parts on hand to maintain the system in good working order for the duration of the project.


Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment And Procedures

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) becomes as a favorite crossing method in many situations for the installation of oil and gas pipelines as well as other utilities and transposition of obstacles. In all cases it is necessary to ensure the quality of pipeline design and construction/installation. The quality level of HDD section should required using the same criteria involving the entire pipeline project or other segment of the pipeline standard.

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Decanting Centrifuge In Weighted Muds

Overlook decanter centrifuge

The decanting centrifuge is used in weighted mud applications to recover valuable weighting material from mud which must be discharged due to unacceptable colloidal solids content. The decanter centrifuge settles out barite and coarse drilled solids which are returned to the active mud system to maintain density. The relatively clean centrate containing liquid and colloidal solids is discarded. These colloidal solids cause many drilling fluid problems, such as high surge/swab pressures and ECDs, differential sticking, and high chemical costs. Usually, the value of the weighting agent in these mud systems makes it economic to recover the weighting agent from the whole mud before it is discarded. Fig. 1 gives an example of the economics of centrifuging weighted muds.

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Water Recycling And Mud Solids Control Sustainable

The Oil & Gas industry uses and generates enormous quantities of this commodity. On average, for every barrel of oil produced there are eight barrels of associated wastewater. Increasing the efficiency of water usage and improving its management is both a high priority among E&P companies and a subject of intense scrutiny for the communities in which they operate.

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