Delivery of 5 Units of Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

We are pleased to announce the delivery of 5 units of the Hunter MG5 Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker.

Model: Hunter MG5
Vibration Type: Linear Motion
Screen Size: 585×1165mm×5 panels
Screen Area: 41 square feet (3.8㎡)
Motor: 2X2.6HP (2 x 1.94kW)
Power system: IEC-ex or ATEX certificate available
Processing Capacity: 180 cubic meters per hour
Incline Angle: -1° to +5°
Screen Area: 41 square feet (3.8㎡)
Equipped with Stainless Steel Splash Guard
Dimensions (mm): 3470x1850x1650

The Hunter MG5 Shale Shaker is engineered to deliver efficient and precise separation of drilling fluids and solids, ensuring optimal drilling performance. Its linear motion vibration type provides enhanced screening efficiency, allowing for the removal of finer particles and solids from the drilling fluid.

With a screen size of 585×1165mm×5 and a screen area of 41 square feet (3.8㎡), the Hunter MG5 offers a large screening surface, enabling high processing capacity. It can handle up to 180 cubic meters of drilling fluid per hour, contributing to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

The shale shaker is equipped with two powerful 1.94kW motors, which provide reliable and consistent performance. It is available with IEC-ex or ATEX certification, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards in hazardous environments.

The incline angle of the shaker can be adjusted from -1° to +5°, allowing for precise control over the separation process. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in varying drilling conditions, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

To ensure operator safety and prevent splashing, the Hunter MG5 Shale Shaker comes with a durable stainless steel splash guard. This feature protects the surrounding area from debris and enhances the overall cleanliness of the drilling site.

With overall dimensions of 3470x1850x1650mm, the Hunter MG5 Shale Shaker is compact and space-efficient, making it suitable for a wide range of drilling operations.

With its advanced features, robust construction, and exceptional performance, the Hunter MG5 is poised to elevate drilling operations for our client.

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