Types Of Screens And Shale Shakers

The shale shaker screen cloth is taken into account to be one in every of the foremost necessary elements of a shale shaker and therefore a decent understanding of screen technology and its effects on shaker capacity are necessary. Fluid handling capability of shale shakers could be a trade-off between conveyance of trained solids off the screen and process cleansed fluid through the screen.

A downward tilt of the screen improves solids conveyance however additional fluids run off the screen and also the discharged solids are more wet. On the opposite hand an upward tilt preserved fluid at the price of solids build up and blazing the screen openings.

Selection of screen cloth and mesh size encompasses a large impact on shaker potency. Hoberock provided a table that helps assess each fluids handling capability and solids separation ability of many kinds of screens. There are many kinds of shale shakers and screens out there within the market nowadays and their utility depends on the character of the drilling operation, solids loading within the incoming mud, and desired capability besides a host of alternative factors. The shale shaker restrained during this work is that the genus Herpestes Pt shaker factory-made by M-I SWACO. It’s balanced elliptical motion provided by weights placed at one finish of the shaker that additionally enabled operation of the machine at various g forces.

Figure 1. screen cloth

Screens are placed within the shaker either during a series or parallel fashion depending on shaker configuration and are vibrated by the shaker. The screens utilized in a shaker are stratified and encompass meshes of various openings arranged over one another. They assume the form of an oblong gap once viewed macroscopically. All field shakers use stratified ultra-fine high capability (HC) screens to screen sand from drilling fluid underneath significant masses. the sort of screen utilized in this project was the two hundred XR screen though the results of the work are often extended to the majority kinds of screens. Figure 1 shows the arrangement of mesh layers on a typical XR two hundred screen.