Inhibitive Muds

In the drilling fluids service industry the term “inhibition” has come to mean the suppression of hydration of clay, which means inhibit the water to transform the shale into swelled, soft, sticky shale, while her ewe mean the inhibition of swelling pressure. After this knowledge it is acceptable to define inhibition as Reduction of swelling pressure.

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Types Of Screens And Shale Shakers

The shale shaker screen cloth is taken into account to be one in every of the foremost necessary elements of a shale shaker and therefore a decent understanding of screen technology and its effects on shaker capacity are necessary. Fluid handling capability of shale shakers could be a trade-off between conveyance of trained solids off the screen and process cleansed fluid through the screen.

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Drilling Fluid Classification

The importance of terminology properly defining a drilling fluid is becoming of greater significance. This includes the drilling contractor, the operator, the mud service engineer, and even the well completion service specialists who
must work with the well after the hole is down. As the number of products added to a given drilling fluid formulation increases, so does the importance of proper mud classification, proper metering and measurement of fluids and special additives.

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