Mud Mixing Facility

Mud mixing Facility is designed for mud mixing applications. This facility comprises mixing mud tank, mixing agitator, feed pumps and in addition pipeline course of action. Aipu Solids Control assembled 2 sets of mud mixing facility to Australia with consistence of Australian standard on electrical and mechanical wellbeing. All the association is four inch spine or quick association. Two tanks will be stuffed in a 40 feet holders for ocean conveyance to Brisbane to achieve penetrating site.

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How mixing technology improve drilling preparation and properties

Mixing technology contains circulating the drilling fluid throgh jet nozzles(mud gun) or impellers(agiatator),are becoming less satisfactory in achieving the desired properties for polmer-based drilling mud. The mixing technique used today are required to better disperse the chemical additives, but be gentle enough to perserve their long polymer chains and chemical structure.The mixing process and apparatus needs to be easily utilized at both on shore fluid mixing plants and at the rig-site. Both process and equipment must be economical,safe and environmentally resposible.

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