Solids Control Equipment: Desilter

Desilters is available in a large range of configurations including stand alone, over a shaker as a desilter’s bottom shaker or packaged with a supply pump as a mobile desilting unit.

Desilter is solids control equipment similar as Desander. Configured with a set of desilter cones to separate 15~46 micron particles from drilling mud. – Desilter|Aipu solids Control

Desilters have varying capacity based on its diameter. Tell us about your requirements and we can help you select the right desilter. The desilter hydrocyclone’s design variables include: Cone angle, Cone diameter, Cylindrical length, Apex diameter, Vortex finder geometry, and Feed inlet area. We carry a full line of desilters in all sizes.


The heart of the desilter are the cyclonic cone (Polyurethane hydrocyclone), ranging from 4-inch to 6-inch. Drilling fluid under pressure is directed into the cone through the tangential inlet. Rotary movement is created when the fluid strikes the curved inner wall of the cone. This sets up a centrifugal force which separates the fluid into conical layers. The heavier particles are forced to the cone wall and move downward by gravity.

A hydrocyclone much like a desander except that its design incorporates a greater number of smaller cones. As with the desander, its purpose is to remove unwanted solids from the mud system. The smaller cones allow the desilter to efficiently remove smaller diameter drill solids than a desander does. For that reason, the desilter is located downstream from the desander in the surface mud system.


As the cone tapers the solids gain speed and separation efficiency increases. These solids are then discharged at the bottom of the cone through this underflow outlet or apex. Meanwhile the lighter fluid now mostly free of solids floats to a vortex or vacuum formed at the center of the cone and is drawn upward through an overflow outlet. Fluids are then returned to the mud system to be reused and the cycle starts again. A hydrocylone is a remarkably simple thing. There are no moving parts and in this 4-inch style desilter only six basic parts make up the completely assemble cone. Maintenance and repair are limited almost entirely to occasional replacement of the protective cone liners.

How Solids Control Equipment Works from Eric Tian on Vimeo.