Optimize Solids Control Programe in drilling fluids management

Solids control is very important in drilling fluids management. High volumes solids in mud can damage and increase wear on equipment and can place unnecessary pressure on the formation downhole.

A good solids control program will make all the difference in getting the hole drilled quickly and efficiently. The right drilling products in the right dosages are also critical to a well-managed drilling fluid program. Knowing the solid conditions, the products that work well in those conditions and the quantities needed for those conditions are critical to success. Following the manufacturer’s specifications is essential as well.

The Aim of Solids Control

Solids control system aim for control sands, gravel, cobbles and clays or shales, and whatever else may be there. Drilling contractor want the fluid to keep them from “getting stuck” and possibly losing the drilling tools in the hole.

Four key characters of drilling fluid: Viscosity, Gel strength, Fluid loss and Density/sand content. There was a balance between them.

Important keys for effective solids control

  • Obtain solids removal equipment for your operation.
  • Remove as many drilled cuttings as possible before being pumped back down the borehole.
  • Do not bypass the shale shaker or other solid control equipment while drilling.
  • Use the smallest mesh screen possible on the shale shaker. This will change from formation to formation.
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of recommended spare parts.
  • Train and assign rig personnel to be responsible for equipment operation and maintenance.

Be ware of limits of equipment:

Solids control systems have a maximum processing capacity. You have to match that capacity to your drilling program. You should consider borehole design and drilling method when selecting a solids control system.

We offer the complete line of solids control equipment for drilling mud cleaning and recycling. A rich experience of world-wide sales and operation allows us to make the equipment according to your local requirements from mechanical structure to electrical system.

Derrick and solids control system