How To Choose Gears Of Mud Agitator

GearBox is a crucial part of mud agitators. Mud agitators are used in surface mud system to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system.

Mud agitator was one of solids control equipment and has two main type: verticle agitator and horizontal agitator. It is very important to select optimum gearboxes for various applications of drilling project or other mud treatment.

Why gearbox is so important for agitator

Beacasue the gearbox which attaching the motor directly to protects correct alignment that can increase bearing life and provides high efficiency in power transfer to the impeller.

There are three types of gearbox that was used on mud agitators:

  1. Planetary gear unit.
  2. Rigid tooth flank helical gearbox.
  3. Worm gear unit.
  4. helical-bevel gears.
  5. helical gears.

In the past, horizontal agitators mainly use worm gear unit for cost reason. But worm gear easy to broken and mantainance is difficult. you have to open shell to grease gear.  Now horizontal mud agitator use helical-bevel gears ( like derrick agitator ).  Helical gears have a smoother operation due to the angle twist creating instant contact with the gear teeth. Rigid tooth flank helical gear unit are advanced of helical gears.  Rigid tooth flank means more wear resistant and long life to use. So it’s trend to use rigid tooth flank gearbox.

Mud agitator with rigid tooth flank helical gear unit features

  • Compact
  • High torque can be transmitted
  • Drive and output run synchronously
  • Coaxial design
  • Minimal radial backlash
  • High efficiency
  • High degree of stiffness

All helical gears for vertical agitators normally.

Gears help increase torque output by providing gear reduction and they adjust the direction of rotation like the shaft to the rear wheels of automotive vehicles.

We can provide all types mud agitators for you.  If you have interests or demands don’t hesitation, please contact us.

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mud agitator with rigid tooth flank helical gearbox