Mixing Performance of Mud Agitator in Drilling Fluid Handling System

mud agitator

Generally the mud agitator is a mechanical equipment used to agitate different materials widely used in engineering field. In the offshore plants, it is used to mix both drilling mud and bulk. Drilling muds are of high viscosity fluids that composed with oil or water and bulk. Therefore, it is necessary to predict and understand the stabilized mixing performance of agitator because the accurate material property maintained by agitation is essential to stabilize drilling system.

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Drilling mud agitators are used extensively for drilling-fluid surface
tanks. Regardless of manufacturer, mechanical agitators have similar components, namely, a drive motor, a geared reducer (also called a gearbox), a gearbox output shaft, and impeller(s). The objective of a properly designed mechanical agitation system is uniform suspension of all solids, appropriate application of shear, homogeneous fluid properties throughout the system, and economical application of applied power.