Mud gas separators

Principle: Simply speaking, mud gas separator is used to separate the invaded gas among drilling fluid. Transfer the gas to the flare ignitor or the gas storage unit.The drilling fluid with gas will flow into mud gas separator from a high pressure hose under the gravity of the gas will be removed to the vent line and flow to the line end. If the gas has become bubbles the blade on the vessel wall will break them down let gas flow out of degasser vessel.

Application: Mud gas separator will be utilized together will choke manifold to obtain ride of the invaded gas such as the H2S in the unbalanced well drilling. It can be utilized to numerous well drilling and set before shale shaker especially suitable for larger volume gas bubble. Besides oil and gas drilling, we will utilise the mud gas separator during rig work over. Mud gas separator can get rid of harmful gas effectively provide safety on drilling job site.

Issues affecting its performance: Well drilling or work over depth, mud flow rate, geological condition, gas volume, etc.

Main structure: Mud gas separator is usually the vertical type. Including the vessel body, support base, feed inlet, drain port, vent line, relief valve, the pressure gauge, etc. The output discharge will be designed to be U shape to avoid gas return back to degasser. Some clients will request man hole on vessel for convenient cleaning degasser tank. Furthermore, the bank the whole height is 12ft while the mud seal or mud leg should be 3ft or much higher. The relief valve can be extreme pressure on one or common pressure one.