Mud Skips For CNOOC

100 sets mud skips for CNNOC had manufactured, tested and delivered by aipu solids control on 13th july.

Main Features of AIPU drilling cuttings box

The cutting box storage capacity is 1.5 cubic meters for drilling cuttings. The size of cuttings box can be customized depending on requirement.

There are fork lift space for convenient moving and transport.

The cover on top with suitable seals to avoid leackage. There are hand control for cuttings box cover for convenient open and lock.

V bottom for easy discharge of cuttings and easy cleaning.

Painting color is customized for any color with correct RAL no. [source]

Mud Cuttings Skips for the safe containment and transfer of waste produced from offshore well drilling and completion processes. Also known in the industry as Cuttings Boxes or Drill Cuttings Bins, Aipu’s mud skips have been designed, manufactured and certified in accordance and are suitable for drill cuttings, discarded mud and drilling fluids. Safety features such as lightweight lids for safe and easy lifting, opening and closing are incorporated as standard. Our offshore closed mud skip capacities range from 2.6m3 (16.5bbls) through to 6.4m3 (40bbls) and are available for sale or rental throughout our network of global facilities. Our offshore vacuum rated cuttings skips include capacities from 2.6m3 (16.5bbls) to 3.8m3 (24bbls).