Drilling fluid waste High G drying shaker

High G drying shaker is mostly used to process drilling fluid or drilling cuttings. It can work more effectively with better separation result

Drying shale shaker brief introduction

Drying shale shaker is similar as common shale shaker. It can be used as first phase solids control equipment also the first stage of drilling waste management

It is usually designed in linear motion and high vibration mode, are used in processing cuttings, playing an important role in the waste drilling mud treatment. It brings customer both the economical and the environmental benefits

High G shaker vibrator motor

Obviously, Hi-G shale shaker will be utilized vibrator motor with high vibration strength to achieve high separation efficiency.

The motor can be Martin vibrator motor, Ita-Vibras, or other famous brand motor. The electronic components in starter will be top brand ones such as ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER to make the shakers more reliable and stable

Aipu shale shaker

Actually, if we need different vibration force we can adjust the eccentric blocks at motor ends. It can help us increase or decrease the vibration strength

Considering different clients request different electrical system please do confirm input system before order. Such as 380V/50Hz, or 380V/60Hz. We will do customization on motors and starters.

Drying shaker capacity

The drying shaker capacity is related with shaker screen area, vibration strength, and the drilling mud property. Usually, Aipu single drying shale shaker capacity ranged 500~660GPM. According to clients’ capacity demand we can configure it as dual tandem or triple tandem shaker

Aipu High G shaker screen

Presently, Aipu drying shaker model is Hunter-M series. The shaker screen sized 585x1165mm. There can be 3 panel or 4 panel for option. The popular shaker screen is composite frame one, rare client will request steel frame ones

Aipu high G shaker screen is interchangeable with Mongoose type shaker screen. We utilized high quality S.S304~316L wire cloth for reliable quality and performance

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more information on high G shaker or screen. We’ll give you optimal complete solution and suggestion ASAP.