The Mud Pumps

  1. Identify the pump and switches, SPM gauges and controls for both pumps # 1 and 2.
  2. Engage the clutches of pump # 1.
  3. Turn the knob to increase and decrease the pumping rates.
  4. Pump mud at 80 SPM for normal drilling operations.

Operating Slow Circulation Rate (SCR)

  1. Engage the mud pump clutch and rotate the pump knob to a specific SPM and observe the pressure on the drill pipe pressure gauge.
  2. Read and record the Slow Circulating Rate Pressure (SCRP) = Pressure loss in the system due to friction.
  3. Take SCR at 20, 30 and 40 SPM and read and record the corresponding SCRP.

Operating the Rotary Table

  1. Identify the clutch and control knob of the rotary table.

2. Engage the clutch of the rotary table

3. Exercise rotation at 100 RPM for normal drilling operation by turning the Rotary Table knob and watching the rotary table gauge on the driller’s console. Turn until 100 RPM is indicated on the gauge.

Putting Weight on Bit (WOB) Running in & Pulling Out of Hole

a) Identify (i) Drawwork clutch
(ii) Weigh-On-Bit-gauge
(iii) Lever arm & brake paddle system

b) Engage Rotary and Drawwork Clutches

c) To put Weight-On-Bit(WOB) & Run-In-Hole(RIH):
i) Lift lever handle and observe the drill string advance in hole.
ii) Observe WOB indicator until the appropriate weight (e.g. 30,000 lb) is reached.
iii) Press down lever arm and hook it to the chain holder.

d) To Pull-Out of Hole (POOH):
i) Release lever arm
ii) Step on brake and observe drill string come out of hole.
iii) Engage lever arm when rotary bushing is out of hole.

Remote Choke Panel Operation

a) Identify all controls on this panel.
b) Turn on the power supply control to the panel using the power lever
c) Open and close the choke and observe the choke position at various rates of opening and closing.
d) Utilize the switches and lever systems to control the Shut in Casing
Pressure (SICP) and Shut in Drill Pipe Pressure (SIDPP) as needed
during kick circulation.