Mud gas separators

Principle: Simply speaking, mud gas separator is used to separate the invaded gas among drilling fluid. Transfer the gas to the flare ignitor or the gas storage unit.The drilling fluid with gas will flow into mud gas separator from a high pressure hose under the gravity of the gas will be removed to the vent line and flow to the line end. If the gas has become bubbles the blade on the vessel wall will break them down let gas flow out of degasser vessel.

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Basic Solids Control Equipment for handling Gas-Cut Mud

Gas busters are a simple cylinder or baffle box at the flowline where
mixed drilling fluid and gas are roughly separated while flowing. The
drilling fluid goes to the shale shaker, and the gas is allowed to flow away or is sent to a flare line.

Drilling Mud Separators are holding tanks where mixed water, oil, and gas are allowed to separate by gravity. They have evolved in the last 50 years from simple open tanks to complex closed and pressurized tanks.
Separators can be informally divided into two groups: (1) atmospheric,
or unpressurized, and (2) pressurized, or closed

Degassers are somewhat different devices from the preceding two. The
degasser is a tank in which a vacuum and/or spray removes entrained
gas from the mud system. Degassers handle much smaller gas volumes
than do gas busters or separators but do a more complete job of
removing the gas.



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