Mud Tanks System

mud tank system
The Mud tanks system consists of equipment on board that contributes to the storage, mixing, circulation and purification of drilling fluid. Drilling fluid is very expensive and large volumes are used in connection with drilling a well. It is therefore desirable to reuse drilling mud.

Mud Cleaning System

The mud tank system removes drilling cuttings that come up from the hole along with the drilling mud so that the cleaned mud can be returned to the well. If the mud does not have the proper properties in relation to the well, it can result in major damage to the well and the drilling equipment. After the cleaning process, the drilling mud is carefully checked to make sure that the cleaning system has done a satisfactory job.

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Reducing Oil Content Of Sludge From Wastewater Treatment Plant

While industrialisation has been facilitated by the discovery, refinement, and use of petroleum, the production and use of petroleum also contributes to environmental pollution. Among all environmental pollutants, petroleum accounts for about 70% of the total environmental pollution. In particular, inappropriately managed oily sludge generated at modern petroleum refineries can pollute the environment (such as surface and groundwater and soils).

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