Reducing Oil Content Of Sludge From Wastewater Treatment Plant

While industrialisation has been facilitated by the discovery, refinement, and use of petroleum, the production and use of petroleum also contributes to environmental pollution. Among all environmental pollutants, petroleum accounts for about 70% of the total environmental pollution. In particular, inappropriately managed oily sludge generated at modern petroleum refineries can pollute the environment (such as surface and groundwater and soils).

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Designing the Drilling Fluid

In selecting the most suitable type of drilling fluid, many different factors must be considered. Overall what is required is a mud system that gives the lowest overall cost of drilling each hole section, except for through the reservoir. The direct cost of the fluid itself (the cost per barrel of mud) is but one component of this overall cost. If serious hole problems occur because the mud was not optimized for the formations in an effort to “save money,” obviously much more money will be spent than would have been saved on the mud bill.

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