Decanter Centrifuge And Energy Materials Production

The production of raw materials for energy generation – coal, oil, and gas offers considerable scope for the use of decanter centrifuges, at least for coal and oil. The manufacture of gas is a little-used process now that natural gas is so freely available. When this phase passes, as gas availability reduces, then the gasification of coals and heavy oils will also offer good applications (as will the eventual need to convert coals into liquid fuels).

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Drilling Cuttings RECOVERY

In an ideal borehole and mud system, cuttings would be transported to surface with the same order and composition as they were cut, as in Figure 1. In reality, it is commonly observed that, no matter how sharp a drilling break or clearly defined a formation top on an electric log, the formation top as logged from cuttings will appear to be “transitional.” (Note: not transitional in the sense that the cuttings show a varying composition, but that cuttings of a new type appear in increasing abundance as more hole is made.)

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