Hook-Strip Shaker Screens And Bonded Screens

Hook-strip shaker screens (named for the method of hooked edging that
provides the tension along the screen) are also available. Because of the
superior life characteristics of panel mount units, Hook-strip shaker screen has been relegated to a minor role on linear motion machines. They are used
extensively on circular and unbalanced elliptical motion machines.
Proper tensioning (and frequent retensioning) of all types of screens is
good screen management and adds significantly to screen life. Individual
manufacturer’s operation manuals should be consulted to obtain the
proper installation methods and torque requirements, where applicable,
for specific screens/panels.

Several types of bonded screens are available. The repairable perforated
plate screen has one or more layers of fine mesh cloth bonded to a sheet
of metal or plastic with punched, patterned holes. Perforated plate
designs are available in various opening sizes and patterns. Additional
designs include a special application in which backing and fine-screen
materials are bonded together, eliminating the need for perforated
plates. Flat-surfaced pretensioned screen panels are becoming more even
tensioned, easy to install, and capable of even distribution of liquids and
solids across the screen deck.