An Example For How To Choose Mud agitator

Here is How to choose a fitful mud agitator for drilling mud solids-Revomal.

Presume: A compartment is 30 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet high (Figure1). Maximum mud weight is anticipated to be 16 lb/gal (1.92 SG).
If the maximum mud weight is not known, use 20 lb/gal fluid density
(2.4 SG).

All compartments will be solids-removal sections.

Convert the compartment to symmetrical shapes. In this case, three
compartments 1010 feet square (33 m). Determine the volume for
one compartment (Vt).

Vt = 10 × 10  × (10 − 1) ×  7.48
Vt = 900 × 7.48
Vt = 6732 gal.

mud agitator choose
figure1 Example for sizing exercise.

Since the tank is deeper than 6 feet, flat (turbine) impellers cannot be
used; therefore, canted impellers are chosen. Locate the appropriate
impeller diameter from the impeller displacement table D (see Table 10.2)
so that TOR is within the recommended range. As a rule, choose an
initial impeller displacement value so that D is close to Vt to increase the
accuracy of the selection. In this case, the gpm value for 60-Hz service is
close to the 38-inch impeller (6343 gal).

TOR = [Vt⁄D] × 60
TOR = (6732⁄6343)×60
TOR = 1.06×60; or about 64 seconds.

table 1 Power Requirements for Canted Impellers per Fluid Density

Impeller Diameter
Power20 ppg (2.40 SG)16 ppg(1.92 SG)12 ppg(1.44 SG)8.3 ppg(1.00 SG)

Compare this TOR to values in Table 10.1 and determine suitability
for compartment purpose. In this example, the TOR is sufficient for
solids-removal compartments. If a lower numeric value to cause faster
fluid movement is desired, then choose a larger impeller. If less movement is desired, choose a smaller impeller and recalculate until the
appropriate values from Table 10.1 are achieved.

After determining which impeller will produce the effective TOR,
locate the size in the Impeller Diameter columns in Table 1. In
this case we anticipate using a 38-inch impeller and 16-ppg fluid. Since
there is no 38-inch value in the 16-ppg column in Table 10.3, we must
round up to the next highest value, that is, 40 inches. This allows for a
safety factor should the mud density increase slightly. Follow the 40-
inch impeller value horizontally to the left in Table 1 and determine the horsepower needed for that application. In this case, a 10-hp motor is
sufficient. Therefore, three 10-hp agitators with 38-inch canted impellers
are suitable for the tank in this application.

It should be noted that this system is for one brand of agitator, and
the values in the tables may not apply to all brands. Deep tank designs
require that multiple blades be mounted on a single shaft. This involves
more thorough calculations than those shown. Because of this, it is
highly recommended that the manufacturer or supplier be consulted
before final design or placing of an order for any application.