Mud Cleaners

2 set mud cleaners

A mud cleaner is a combination of desanders and/or desilters to remove drilled solids from mud. -wiki

Mud cleaners can be leased, rented, purchased as independent units, or assembled on location. When mud cleaners were invented in 1971, main shale shakers on drilling rigs were either unbalanced elliptical or circular motion machines.

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Hydrocyclone (Desander, Desilter) and Cut Size d50

A hydrocyclone which main part of desander and desilter is a device used to sort, classify, and separate a liquid suspension(solids) system into solids and liquid. Hydrocyclones have a wide variety of applications in many industries, particularly in oilfield application processing. The hydrocyclone is a continuously operating classification device with no moving parts. It utilizes fluid pressure to cause rotational forces that accelerate the settling of particles according to their size, shape and density.

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Guideline Centrifugal Pump Selection and Piping Design For Mud System

The purpose of this article is to present some guidelines and simplified techniques to size pumps and piping typically used in mud systems. If unusual circumstances exist such as unusually long or complicated pipe runs or if very heavy or viscous drilling muds are used, a qualified engineer should analyze the system in detail and calculate an exact solution.

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