Mud Degassers

Introduce Degasser

Degassers are necessary to remove entrained gas bubbles from the mud. Gas-cut mud will impair the performance of centrifugal pumps. Since all solids removal equipment beyond the shakers requires a pump, the gas must be removed before it reaches these devices. If left unchecked and pumped downhole, the entrained gas will reduce mud density, which will, in turn, reduce the hydrostatic head in the wellbore.

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Vacuum Degasser Design Solves Mud Gas Separation Problems

Vacuum Degasser Design Concept Formulation

The new Vacuum Degasser design was formulated from basic principles used in the chemical processing industry. Standard chemical engineering principles that apply to the design of packed towers were the basis for this new design. These principles deal with efficient phase disengagement to provide’ effective gas absorption or gas strip-ping. Specifically, in the top inlet section of a typical packed tower, the overriding operating principles are effective gas/liquid phase disengagement and uniform inlet liquid distribution over the entire tower cross-sectional area.

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A degasser is a device used in drilling to remove gasses from drilling fluid which could otherwise form bubbles.-wiki

The purpose of a degasser is to remove entrained gas from the drilling
fluid. By this definition, then, the degasser has a limited capability for
handling large quantities of gas—typically anything more than about
50–100 scfm (20 scfm of gas at surface pressure will gas-cut 400 gpm of
16-ppg drilling fluid to 10 ppg). Large volumes of gas need to be
removed first by a separator or gas buster.

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