Study Analysis of Stuck Pipe Incidents

Stuck pipe or sticking and lost circulation are the two main events which cause Non-productive time (NPT) in the drilling industry. A considerable amount of time and resources can be spent in efforts to free a stuck pipe. Sometimes, stuck pipe events result in breakage (either intentional or non-intentional) of the drill string leading to a lot of money being spent in fishing. Unsuccessful fishing operations have resulted in costly alternatives including side-tracking or worse still, well abandonment. Stuck pipe situations are very common around the world with most data gathered in the petroleum drilling industry.

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Smooth operations of solids-separation equipment are accomplished with proper planning and utilization of the needed equipment to efficiently and effectively remove drilled solids from a drilling fluid. This chapter provides guidelines to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of solids-removal equipment and associated drilling-fluid equipment. This chapter is primarily directed toward rig personnel as a practical guideline for better drilling practices. Many of these suggestions and guidelines are discussed in much greater detail in other chapters of this book. This chapter consists of three sections: Solids Control Equipment Guidelines and operations of the various solids-removal equipment; Equipment Guidelines and additional thoughts and considerations for smooth operations of the various drilling-fluid handling equipment and tankage; Solids Management Checklist and questions to consider for proper sizing, selection, and operation of a solids-management system.

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