Improved Solids-Control–Closed-Loop Systems

The overall efficiency of cuttings removal by the solids-control system, Es, can be expressed as:

Es = E1 f 1 +( 1 – E1 )E2 f 2 + ( 1 – E2 )E3 f 3 +( 1 – E3 )E4 f 4    (1)

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Weighted muds are the ones that contain weighting materials. These mud systems are usually used for drilling at deeper depths because of increasing formation pressures. The typical composition of weighted clay/water mud is active clay, and inert solids like barite are used for enhancing the mud weight. As mentioned earlier, the mud arriving at the surface from the bottom while drilling is in progress contains active and inactive drilled solids. Hence, the low gravity solids must be removed first, using a screen, because their disintegration reduces the particle size to less than that of barite or in the similar range. This may cause a loss of costly barite if the mud is subjected to solids control. Once the larger particles are removed the mud must be passed through mud cleaner, where the hydrocyclones are used in series with screens. This system works best for muds with density less than 15.0 lbm/gal.


Solids Control Through Economic Evaluation of Mechanical Equipment

Proper application and utilization of mechanical solids control equipment enables the driller to maintain the desired drilling fluid properties which in turn makes it possible for the drilling operation to be carried out in an efficient and possible for the drilling operation to be carried out in an efficient and economical manner.

Solids control equipment
Catagory of main solids control equipment

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