Solids Control Through Economic Evaluation of Mechanical Equipment

Proper application and utilization of mechanical solids control equipment enables the driller to maintain the desired drilling fluid properties which in turn makes it possible for the drilling operation to be carried out in an efficient and possible for the drilling operation to be carried out in an efficient and economical manner.

Solids control equipment
Catagory of main solids control equipment

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The purpose of a drilling mud can be broken into nine basic functions:


Drilling Mud Usage

In the drilling process, mud materials (barite, water, treating chemicals, etc) are mixed almost continuously to maintain desired mud properties. Drilling mud usage is defined as the volume of mud that is lost with the
drilling operation. This should be contrasted with mud consumption which is the total volume of mud created to support the drilling operation.

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The Principle of Using Mud Agitator

Mud agitator combined with motor and gear box. Mud agitators do agitation in drilling fluid make the solids suspend. Help drilling fluid property achieve better. Shaft will be connected with gear box coupled on motor. Under a certain ratio the shaft mounted with impeller rotate at uniform speed and lead an upward stream in drilling mud. This will benefit drilling mud mixture completely with sufficient viscosity, etc.

Onshore and offshore oil&gas drilling, CBM exploration, HDD,waste management, etc. process system. Mud agitators make drilling fluid property more even and stable.

Issues affecting its performance: Drilling mud tank size, tank shape, tank function, drilling fluid density, impeller design,etc.

Motor, gear box, shaft, blade, coupler, frame, etc.

1)Lift mud agitator horizontally and put it at right position on tank top then fixed it by ground bolts
2)Coupler bolts must be used together with spring washer and screw them tight enough.

Legal operation:
1)Before commissioning check if there is any release on connection part and make them tight
2)There should be no noise during operation or commissioning. If there is please stop running agitator and correct problem
3)Before running please check if impeller rotation direction is same as marked direction 4)Inspect oil height via observation window make sure the level always be at center.
5)Gear box should be lubricated by industrial gear oil if there is special situation we can consider to use grease oil with lower viscosity
6)After 5 days operation please discharge all of the oil out of gear box and clean gear box feed clean lubrication oil in it. Then do same work every 6 month

1)Mud agitator speed should be around 60rpm
2)Pay attention on the shaft seal especially when the condition is rather hazardous. If any leakage please replace it in time
3)Inspect oil releasing bolt to confirm no leakage. If any please screw it tight
4)If there is noise during operation please firstly shut off agitator then check the coupler and shaft lubrication