How Solids Control Equipment Working

This video shows how these solids control equipment (shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifuge and pumps) works.

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Drilling Mud Circulation System

The drilling fluid circulating system is like a close loop electric circuit through which drilling fluid (i.e. mud) can travel from surface to all the way down hole and back to its initial point (i.e. mud pit).

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Mixing System for Fracturing Fluid

The mixing system makes possible improvements and presents case histories of field applications.

Fracturing operations have been improved by

(1) Mixing fracturing slurries under microprocessor control,

(2) Applying new baffle and agitator design concepts, and

(3) Using new methods for achieving rapid material wetting.

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Evaluate the Formation-Damage Potential of Drilling Fluids

Solids and the liquid phases of drilling muds invade and interact with reservoir formations. This invasion and interaction changes formation permeability and can prevent fluid flow from the reservoir into the wellbore. Damage caused by mud spurt and drilling-mud filtrate can influence log response. The full-length paper describes a novel method to determine the formationdamage potential of drilling muds by evaluating the erosional characteristics of mudcakes formed by different mud systems.

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