Utilize of Vertical Cuttings Dryer (VCD) Units to Process Hazardous Drilling Waste

Centrifugal Cuttings Dryers

One of the international benchmarks for an efficient solids control and waste management system is to incorporate a Centrifugal Cuttings Dryer (VCD) into any environmental management strategy. The VCD (Vertical cuttings dryer) units typically consist of a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid solid separation in large volume processing.

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Application of Water Based Drilling Fluid Management

Method for efficiently recycling water based drilling fluids has been developed. This recycling is conducted in a way beneficial both for the drilling fluid supplier and the operator. Contaminated fluid (slop) is brought back onshore for treatment and reusable fluids from the slop treatment are brought back into the drilling fluids.

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Cuttings Boxes

Cutting boxes are the primary method of transporting waste drilling fluid and cuttings to shore around the world. Cuttings boxes were developed as an easy method of collecting and transporting cuttings given the weight restrictions of offshore cranes on earlier drilling rigs. Cutting boxes are typically placed near the solids control equipment, where cuttings can be moved relatively short distances and collected in the box. When a Cutting boxes gets full, it is removed and an empty Cutting boxes is shuffled into position. When a sufficient number of full Cutting boxes are ready, they are backloaded onto a workboat and returned to shore. Empty Cutting boxes from the dock facility replace the returned cuttings boxes.

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Vacuum transfer systems provide an alternative to augers. The initial applications were on jackups, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, where the cramped areas required multiple conveyors to get around the legs and other obstacles. It was also easy to close the discharge chute, making a sump to collect the cuttings that is suitable for the vacuum nozzle.

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