Water Recycling Helps with Sustainability

Water is a precious commodity that is needed in all human activity and for life in general. The Oil & Gas industry uses and generates enormous quantities of this commodity. On average, for every barrel of oil produced there are eight barrels of associated wastewater. Increasing the efficiency of water usage and improving its management is both a high priority among E&P companies and a subject of intense scrutiny for the communities in which they operate.

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HDD Mud Recovery System

Horizontal directional drilling short name is HDD. HDD technology has the obvious in oil and gas pipelines being past the rivers, lakes, highway, railway hub and other obstacles and important area. HDD site all is in the rivers, lakes, the traffic trunk line. Neither dig in the excavation of a large area nor make mud discharge randomly; So it is very important to equip with mud recovery system.

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Maintenance Of Mud System

Mud systems have a lot of moving parts that must be kept in order to keep them in premium working order. If you do not grease and adjust centrifugal packing on a regular basis, it will leak causing not only a mess but also hazardous work environment. Bearings require lubrication for long life. Cones can get plug with debris making them inactive thus reducing your cleaning capacity. Screens get torn allowing trash to go into the system causing plugging problems.

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