Mud rheology refers to the mud of deformation and flow behavior of all forms of matter. Certain rheologic measurements made on fluids, such as viscosity, gel strength, etc. help determine how this fluid will flow under a variety of different conditions. This information is important in the design of circulating systems required to accomplish certain desired objectives in drilling operations.

Mud Viscosity:


Viscosity is defined as the resistance of a fluid to flow and is measured as the ratio of the shearing stress to the rate of shearing strain.

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HDD Mud Recovery System

Horizontal directional drilling short name is HDD. HDD technology has the obvious in oil and gas pipelines being past the rivers, lakes, highway, railway hub and other obstacles and important area. HDD site all is in the rivers, lakes, the traffic trunk line. Neither dig in the excavation of a large area nor make mud discharge randomly; So it is very important to equip with mud recovery system.

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